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Green, Leon

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by Green, Leon

The weblog of Leon Green, a Knowledge Manager of Tees Public Health.

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31/10/2017 Evening & weekend cervical screening

Green, Leon | 31 Oct 2017 08:58

Cervical screening is now available during evenings and at weekends in South Tees out-of-hours GP services. Women aged 25-64 can make appointments through their own GP to attend one of the four…

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The Local Government Association publishes a compilation of case studies showing how local authorities make progress on improving health and wellbeing and tackling health inequalities. It…

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07/12/2016 Differences in health & social care

Green, Leon | 09 Dec 2016 15:27 | (Last modified on 09 Dec 2016 15:30)

Mapped out uses routinely available evidence from the NHS Atlas of Variation in Healthcare to identify opportunities for CCGs and local authorities to improve health and social care in the Tees…

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17/11/2016 Many women miss cervical screening

Green, Leon | 17 Nov 2016 15:00

Cervical screening data for 2015/16 shows marginal increases for women attending screening at appropriate intervals in Hartlepool, Middlesbrough and Redcar & Cleveland compared to the…

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11/11/2016 Child poverty

Green, Leon | 11 Nov 2016 16:21

A new report from End Child Poverty shows that over 40,000 children in Tees Valley are growing up in poverty. In Middloesbrough, 37% of children are in poverty, with some areas in the town…

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11/10/2016 Chest X-ray pilot

Green, Leon | 11 Oct 2016 11:35

Launched on 10th October, a drop-in chest X-ray service aims to make it easier for people in South Tees with signs and symptoms of lung problems to get the help and treatment they need early. …

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18/08/2016 National child obesity strategy

Green, Leon | 18 Aug 2016 12:16

Reducing the amount of sugar in food and drinks and encouraging primary school children to eat more healthily and stay active are the focus of the national childhood obesity action plan. The…

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02/08/2016 Smoking prevalence

Green, Leon | 02 Aug 2016 15:04 | (Last modified on 02 Aug 2016 15:39)

Public Health England has updated adult smoking prevalence data in theTobacco Control Profiles. It shows a continued decline in smoking in all Tees Valley local authority areas, although rates…

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14/07/2016 Comings and goings

Green, Leon | 14 Jul 2016 10:33

The Office for National Statistics has published data on births and deaths for local authorities in 2015. The deaths data shows Middlesbrough and Hartlepool among the areas with the ten highest…

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07/06/2016 Heseltine report for Tees Valley

Green, Leon | 08 Jun 2016 16:27

Tees Valley: opportunity unlimited is a report by Lord Heseltine identifying opportunities to unlock, promote and support economic growth in Tees Valley. It includes recommendations to address…